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Rembrandt Watercolour Paints 5ml - Series 2


Rembrandt Watercolours Paints 5ml - Series 2

Each colour is sold  separately. 
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Rembrandt Watercolour Paints 5ml - Series 2


  • Under the Rembrandt brand Royal Talens supplies a series of professional artists’ products that enjoy the confidence of users worldwide. With stability and durability as the aim, each Rembrandt product combines the best from its past with modern developments in technology and raw materials.

Rembrandt water colour

  • Highest degree of lightfastness
  • Very pure and intense colours
  • Maximum degree of transparency
  • Finest pigments in a pure quality of gum Arabic
  • The complete range consists of 80 colours

The range

  • The range of Rembrandt water colours consists of 80 colours with the highest possible degree of transparency and a balanced distribution across the various colour areas. 78 colours have the highest degree of lightfastness. The high concentration of pigmentation and extremely fine grinding result in an optimal tinting strength. All colours are based on the purest of qualities of Gum Arabic. A number of colours explained:

Chinese white

  • Chinese white is the traditional white within the water colour range. It is based on semi-transparent zinc oxide pigment.

Transparent titanium white

  • A highly transparent white based on transparent titanium white pigment. For applying white thinned transparent layers.

Cadmium and cobalt colours

  • Durable colours used due to their high degree of lightfastness. Due to the specific pigment, cadmium and cobalt colours are less transparent than other colours in the range.

Highly lightfast and transparent yellows and reds

  • The Azo yellows, Permanent yellows and Permanent reds are lightfast and highly transparent alternatives for the traditional cadmium colours. Moreover, their colours are purer.

Permanent madders

  • The range includes two traditional madders (no. 326 and 331) of which the lightfastness is less than that of other colours. In addition, the range offers four lightfast alternatives, the ‘permanent madders’.

Phthalo blues

  • Extremely intense phthalo blues with a red or green undertone.

Transparent iron oxides

  • A series of extremely transparent and highly lightfast earth hues.

Granulating colours

  • With granulating colours the particles of pigment tend to cluster. This results in a characteristic effect. On the colour chart they have been indicated with a G.

Strongly adhesive colours

  • Some very fine pigments adhere so strongly to water colour paper that they are not that easy to remove using sponge or wash techniques. These colours have been indicated with a .

Less transparent colours

  • The finer a pigment in the paint is ground, the more transparent the colour. Due to the extremely fine grinding of the pigments all Rembrandt water colours are as transparent as possible. The degree of transparency, however, is first and foremost a property of the pigment itself. As a result there may be a difference in colour between the colours. The less transparent colours have been indicated on the colour chart with .
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