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So Yummy Cookbook & Desserts Recipes

So Yummy Desserts – recipes for snackable and delicious sweets you can’t resist. And there are some recipes for savoury delights too.

Welcome to a world of So Yummy! Recipes beautifully compiled in a selection of books.

In these easy-to-follow cookbooks, the So Yummy experts teach you how to elevate your cooking game to a whole new level… because every meal should be a beautiful experience.

With more than 28 million followers on their social and digital platforms, fans of So Yummy can now have access to tangible and practical books which are easy to follow and lovely to look at.

You can now have a piece of So Yummy with you at home. These books are also an excellent gift idea for friends and family with a love of baking and cooking. They make it simple to follow along.

No matter what your starting point is, you are bound to find recipes to delight the tastebuds. Balanced combinations of simple ingredients will surprise and uplift you and those you share your food with.
The books are beautifully illustrated, so you can quickly find a recipe that catches your eye and brings inspiration to your dinner table. 


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