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Spectrum Noir

Spectrum Noir is a range of affordable yet high quality supplies for all kinds of crafting, colouring, art and design.

Spectrum Noir Markers, Colour pencils, Colorista, ColourBlend, Sparkle Pens

Because the high-priced ‘premium’ brands aren’t for everyone, and because nobody can really improve by using a cheap, inferior product - we put all our efforts into making our growing range of markers, pencils and artist’s accessories the best it can be. And then pricing it fairly. 

When it comes to creativity, we think everyone deserves a level playing field, and should be able to get the result they want. So our aim is to make good quality art materials accessible for everyone. Whatever your interest or style and no matter how experienced (or inexperienced) you might be.

"Our mission is to offer quality, premium art and design supplies. Without charging the Earth."

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