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In the years since Tonic Studios has been established, the product design team has developed many products to provide additional end user utility. These include steel handles in scissors for extra strength and comfort and reworking of the blade technology on guillotines enabling the crafter to achieve a detailed hairline cut. Tonic's ever expanding range of dies, has helped bring us to the forefront of paper crafting with some of the most detailed versatile dies available on the market.

We have consistently expanded our knowledge of crafting products over the years to create the new brand Nuvo. These products in the brand consist of consumables to let the crafter add the finish, colour, and sparkle to any craft project. Nuvo has now grown from a range of glitters to crystal drops, glitter drops, embellishment mousses, gilding flakes, glue pens, alcohol based pens, embossing powders etc.  In 2017 we launched Craft Perfect - a coordinating range of papers and handmade cotton stock.  To work perfectly with our Nuvo products and Tonic Tools and dies.




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