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Honeysticks Bees Wax Crayons, Colouring Books and Paints

Honeysticks Bees Wax Crayons, Colouring Books and Paints

Honeysticks Crayons

Natural, non-toxic goodness

Honeysticks beeswax crayons and Soy/beeswax bath crayons are handmade from 100% Natural raw ingredients and non-toxic food grade pigments. They contain no paraffin wax, a nasty oil derivative that is used to make traditional cheaper crayons. Our beeswax crayons use the highest % of beeswax of any crayon on the market and our bath crayons are the only bath crayon that is 100% natural using no nasty chemicals to make the wax work with water as is the case with competitor products. Our Colouring books use 100% recycled paper. We use no plastic packaging with our products.

New Zealand Born & Bred

Honeysticks were developed by a New Zealand preschool that was looking for safe and natural crayons for it’s pupils. Realising that the only option was to import paraffin wax filled toxic crayons, the idea for Honeysticks was born. We have now grown and produce Beeswax crayons, Soy/Beeswax bath Crayons and recycled colouring books which are all made right here in Auckland New Zealand using predominantly local ingredients where possible. Honeysticks is a New Zealand owned and operated company.

Sustainable and Low Impact

The beeswax used to create Honeysticks is a natural by-product of honey production. The sustainable process causes minimal impact on the environment and gives the crayons a wonderful and unique scent of honey. Our soy is sourced from sustainable plantations in the USA. Our bath crayon wrappers are made with a printing stock produced from crushed rock a new technology that means they are low impact and biodegradable. Our colouring books use 100% recycled paper that is originally sourced from sustainable forests.  

Durable & Ergonomic Shape, Designed with Developmental Needs in Mind

The unique chubby shape of Honeysticks makes them easier for small hands to hold, but much more difficult for small hands to break! Our original’s crayons are designed for little hands and can be grasped without opposable thumb dexterity. Our longs and bath crayons are extra-long jumbo crayons designed for larger hands developing dexterity and pen grip. Our thin crayons are designed to encourage correct finger/hand grasp for writing in older children. Age recommendations are Originals 1-3, Longs 3-5,Thins 4-6. The colouring books are large with big simple images and lots of blank space to encourage imagination and creativity, our cute pictures are just the start.

12 Bright Vibrant Non-toxic Food Grade Colours

Let your little ones express their inner artist with a stunning range of twelve eye catching, non-toxic food grade crayon colours.

Fully Tested

Compliant with all relevant Australasian and North American safety standards and using all natural ingredients and no toxic chemicals.

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