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Catherine Pooler Designs

Catherine Pooler Designs

Give Stamping a Try... with Catherine Pooler Ink


Catherine Pooler has turned her passion into product accessible to aspiring artists everywhere.  Aside from her family, she simply adores…  stamping!

As she says, stamps turn everyone into an artist, even if you can only draw a stick man. No creativity or experience is necessary!

You simply add ink to paper, and you are on your way to to creating cards and other projects that will wow all those around you.

With Catherine Pooler ink products, you can make cards that tell them you truly care.

You can express your creativity in a fun and unique way with creative projects, and make hand-made, one-off things that make them smile.

Catherine Pooler been playing with paper for more than 20 years.  Today she’s living her dream working with amazing illustrators to create products.  She also teaches paper crafting to makers around the world!

While she had been scrapbooking for many years, over 13 years ago she went to a card making party and the moment that stamp hit the paper, she was hooked. 

Catherine fell in love with teaching rubber stamping and as she taught classes face-to-face, she saw people transform in front of her eyes as they created amazing little pieces of art. They had a sense of excitement – and accomplishment – as they stamped cards.

Catherine quickly learned that this was no accident. She was meant to be teaching more people and spreading the joy of creating with stamps, ink and paper.

Like many parents, she found it increasingly challenging to be able to teach classes in-person when her three girls needed to go to dance, swimming or other activities.

She needed a bit more flexibility with her schedule (sounds familiar, right?) so she shifted to teaching online through videos and tutorials and eventually creating the StampNation community.  

One of the greatest things about this is now she get to teach and stamp right alongside women from every walk of life in more than 40 countries around the world.

At Arts and Crafts Supplies Online Australia, you can share in this renowned creator’s passion by purchasing her brand of Catherine Pooler ink products including die sets, blender brushes, refills, patterned paper, sequins, and a whole lot more.  What fun!


Catherine Pooler Designs


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