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Kid's Mystery Boxes!


Kid's Mystery Boxes

Each Kid's Mystery Box is sold separately
To view and/or purchase either one please use the scroll down menu above

Keep your children, grandchildren , nieces, nephews or any young people busy !!
These Mystery boxes are bursting with creative activities and fantastic value !
All products included in the boxes are reduced by 50% !!
Boys and Girls will find fabulous items to keep them creative while having fun.

These Mystery boxes come in two different age groups :

Ages 4 - 8

$50 value boxes cost only $25.
$100 value boxes cost only $50.
$200  value boxes cost only $100.

Ages 9 - 14

$50 value boxes cost only$25.
$100 value boxes cost only $50.
$200 value boxes cost only $100.

Kid's Mystery Boxes