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Alcohol Markers

Working with Alcohol Markers

Markers have always been a pleasure to use, and the design of alcohol markers has been a game-changer in the marker industry.

Art markers are typically used to distinguish what you will generally see from pencil sketches and drafts made by artists, illustrators, and designers. The common alternative for artists is alcohol-based markers (sometimes known as "permanent markers") since they mix more quickly and are more predictable. You can create shades, tints and ombrés by overlaying colours. 

One more advantage of markers is that you can punch with a steady fluid movement and get an even colour lift as long as you don't overdry the marker.

Alcohol markers may be used by craftsmen who are well-versed with colouring, shading and outlining. Arts and Crafts brands produce high-quality crafting materials to match your creative ambitions. Tonic Studios offers a collection of alcohol-based Nuvo Marker Pens. The Nuvo collection pens have dual-tip for subtle detailing and chisel nibbing and come in a range of 30 bright and vibrant colours to create a professional and creative finish to any project. The Rich Red Pack contains three stunning colours, such as Fresh Watermelon, Strawberry Jam and Black Cherry to achieve stunning effects and gradient finish. 

Bring Vibrant Tones To Your Projects

Winsor & Newton ProMarker is a high-quality, twin-tipped marker that provides a great introduction to alcohol-based colouring. These markers come in a great collection of colours to choose from that can bring a superior appearance to your projects. ProMarkers are twin-tipped, have a translucent colour quality for more straightforward application, and can be layered to achieve depth and opacity you need. This product is ideal for colour illustrations, comic arts and other creative applications you might have in mind. Our alcohol-based markers can be used on metal and plastic surfaces, and are available in a great range of 147 colours, from subtle and soft pastels to bold and vibrant hues.

The Touch of Marker Colours

These markers are perfect for every paper crafting project to create some gorgeous effects — each of our Spectrum dual-tip alcohol markers packs contains six markers without any colour duplicates in other sets. Spectrum Noir markers are high-quality products that come in a range of 216 premium quality alcohol ink colours. The consistency of our double-tipped pens provides an opportunity to create smooth line-work and detailed colouring. The alcohol-based ink has non-toxic and no-run formula, which avoids a possibility for smudgy lines or writing.

An Ideal Set of Markers

Copic Sketch Marker Set is one of the most famous products in the market. It comes with the widest variety of colours and has medium-wide and versatile refillable nibs. These markers can be used for a variety of applications, including letter-writing, illustration drawing, product design, scrapbooking and more, something that makes this product an essential for artists and artisans.

Get Yours Now

The value of alcohol-based markers is known to each expert and artist. The bright, vibrant colours will help create incredible art and writing pieces, implementing the wildest of imaginations. You can achieve professional results every time with effortless blending and colour matching. Arts and Crafts Online Australia offers a comprehensive collection of markers to accompany you through your projects and craft making. Contact us today!

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