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Peterkin iPaper - Crane Lettra Pearl White - Envelope 105mm x 105mm


Peterkin iPaper - Crane Lettra Pearl White - Envelope 105mm x 105mm


Initially produced for the letterpress revolution, Crane's Lettra papers have the feel of fabric and the look of hand made art paper. And while it is engineered to stand up to the great pressures of letterpress printing, Lettra performs equally well with offset lithography; engraving; stamping; and inkless processes such as embossing, debossing or die-cutting.


Crane's Lettra papers have the complex structure and strength of cotton papers, allowing them to withstand multiple press operations and achieving superb registration under the most pressure processes.

...Yet Fluffy

Crane's Lettra papers are unsized to maximise its suppleness and its receptiveness to a deep impression. It's also uncalendered, meaning that it is not smoothed in the calendar stacks on the papermaking machine...This leaves the fibres relatively uncompacted, giving the sheet an extra bulky, even fluffy feeling that absorbs ink while remaining soft to the touch.


Lick and stick to seal (although feel free to use a damp sponge)
Seal flap has Petergen signature iflap pointed seal (see image) which matches the pocket v shape
Fits inside 140x140mm pockets as a reply envelope
Standard postage

Includes 10 Envelopes.


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