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Cricut Bulk Premium Vinyl™ Value Pack & Singles , Metallic – Removable


Cricut Bulk Premium Vinyl™ Value Pack & Single , Metallic – Removable 

The value pack and singles are sold separately
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Removable Vinyl vs. Permanent Vinyl for Your Projects | Vinyl ...

  • Removes without residue for up to 2 years 
  • Lies flat so you can cut with ease and accuracy 
  • Easy to weed, effortless to apply
  • Available in three options
    • 40 packs, 20 gold, 20 silver
    • Single gold
    • Single silver

Bulk up with this 40-sheet pack featuring a stunning metallic sheen in Gold and Silver. And relax, it's removable! Every project goes smoothly when you use Removable Premium Vinyl. This amazing vinyl lies flat on your cutting mat – no tunneling or bubbling. Once you cut your design, weed with ease and apply with awe. Even your most intricate designs effortlessly separate from the carrier sheet for a perfect application. Apply designs to almost any surface. For ultimate flexibility, Removable Premium Vinyl stays removable for up to two years without residue. For use with all Cricut cutting machines.