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Baking Sourdough - Bread Making


Baking Sourdough - Bread Making


  • Baking is a truly multi-sensory experience; baking with sourdough takes this experience to the next level. Celebrated for its health benefits, superior texture and unique flavour, sourdough goes back to the roots of traditional bread making and gives you the freedom to craft your own dietary staple to your own specifications. Artisan baker, Kevan Roberts, takes readers on a sensory journey through the formation of sourdough from natural yeast to the craft of producing your own perfect loaf, before extending this knowledge to make croissants, pancakes, pizza and more. Step-by-step photographs, detailed guides and original recipes provide a thorough and inspiring understanding of the sourdough process. It includes the history and development of sourdough; how to build and maintain a healthy sourdough starter; essential equipment, methods, and preferments; techniques in kneading, shaping, scoring and baking; converting commercial yeasted products to sourdough; gluten-free sourdough and finally, a comprehensive troubleshooting guide. Thirty detailed recipes are given from a basic starter to international bread and creative bakes. Baking Sourdough enables all bread-lovers - from professionals looking for a means of bulk producing the same sour hit every time to at-home bakers taking their initial steps into baking with natural yeast - to create their own freshly baked sourdough, again and again.
  • Kevan Roberts has a wealth of baking knowledge spanning three decades. He has worked throughout the baking industry, from commercial bakeries to new product development, before establishing his own artisan bakery in the UK. He teaches at a world-renowned baking school, Bread Ahead, in the heart of Borough Market, London, has worked as a technical advisor on The Apprentice TV programme and featured on BBC World Service radio. 
  • 149 colour photographs
ISBN: 9781785006838
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 01/03/2020
Pages: 144
Dimension: 246mm X 189mm
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