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Spectrum Noir Water Colour Markers

Spectrum Noir Water Colour Markers
Spectrum Aqua is the water-based artist's marker
  • Twin-tipped - versatile, convenient
  • Flexible, hard-wearing brush - natural feel, controlled line weight, durable
  • Fine point - for detailing and defining
  • Ergonomic barrel - comfortable, precise
  • Dye based - rich colours, smooth laydown, good for rubber-stamp colouring
  • Water-soluble - tonal range, easy to blend and diffuse, potential mixed media
  • Set colour groups - easy to co-ordinate and blend colours
  • Acid-free - stable, long lasting colour
  • Odour free - pleasant to use
  • Non-toxic - safe to use, good for the environment
  • Low price / high performance - outstanding value, the smart choice
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