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Silhouette Craft Machine Accessories

Silhouette Craft Machine Accessories

Silhouette is a manufacturer of electronic cutting machines and corresponding products. They produce products and technologies aimed at allowing creative people everywhere the most options and the fewest restrictions when it comes to electronic cutting and 3D printing as well as designing, crafting, and making anything and everything.

Silhouette currently has three cutting machines, one 3D printer, and one custom-stamping machine on the market: CAMEO, Portrait, Curio, Mint, and Alta.

These machines work with industry-leading design software, Silhouette Studio® and Silhouette 3D®, and the custom stamping software, Mint Studio™.

There are countless reasons to own a Silhouette machine. Crafters and DIYers have used Silhouette machines for years to create one-of-a-kind projects to use in their homes, schools, workplaces, and more.

Modern makers want to customise their lives, and Silhouette can help. From making basic designs to complex projects, all users can personalise with projects from the Silhouette ecosystem.

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