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Lumi Inkodye Product Range



"Lumi is a revolutionary new permanent photographic print process that utilises a unique water-based series of dyes which develop their colour through exposure to sunlight. The applications are potentially endless, with a long list of fabrics, fibers and materials like cotton, linen, wool, silk, leather, jute and wood β€” just to name a few. Check out this video detailing the impressively simple process from photo to finished and wearable design."

Lumi Inkodye is the world's only light-sensitive textile dye. Inkodye can be brushed, dipped, rolled, stamped, stencilled, screen printed, and more! Works on most natural fibres such as cotton, rayon, linen, wool, silk, and even leather, wood and unglazed ceramics. Won't fade or rub off, and fabrics remain soft to the touch. Available in 8oz bottle and Snap Pack

Lumi Inkowash is to be used when you work with Inkodye, It's especially important to remove all traces of unexposed Inkodye otherwise the whites in your image could begin to discolour over the following weeks or months. To prevent such a tragedy, we're now offering this extra-strong laundry detergent, which is specially designed to remove dyes from fabric. Lumi Inkowash reliably removes all unexposed Inkodye while leaving the permanent image untouched.
237 ml bottle is sufficient for 10 loads of freshly-Inkodyed laundry.


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