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Dove Blender Pens, Refills and Accessories

Dove Blender Pens, Refills and Accessories

Dove Brushes & Adhesives

Dove Brushes was established in 1980 by George N. Dovellos primarily as a supplier for the Ceramic and Decorative Painting Industry. Since then we have enjoyed doing business in the other markets that we serve. We are family-owned and operated and are committed to our customers by believing in the values of trust, integrity and flexibility that enable us in our grass-roots business approach.

We take pride in being the innovator in the revolutionary blending medium known as the Dove Blender and Dove Blending fluid. We also made the Dove Brush Line and trade marked Mid Night Dove and White Tip Dove...

At Dove Products, our objective is to supply products of value and quality for the arts and crafts, decorative painting, porcelain, ceramics, rubber stamping, and scrapbooking markets. We are proud of the products that we develop and supply, both for what they are and for what they enable our customers to achieve with them. We will continue to strive to expand and better our products and ourselves to meet our customer's needs for the future.


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