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ArtFoamies Stamps

ArtFoamies Stamps are durable, bold foam stamps designed for use on many surfaces. They can be used with acrylic paints, inks and glazes. 
Each ArtFoamies Stamp comes with or without a washable, reusable StampBuddypad. Sized to fit the stamp, the StampBuddy ensures even distribution of paint to get clean, crisp prints; it is customizable, holding one or more paint colors at a time for unique multi-color effects.

Recommended Surfaces
Pre-washed fabric – natural fibers like cotton, smooth linen, or dye-ready silk are best.
(Do not use fabric softener when preparing fabrics)
For best results, iron fabric before stamping. Pillows, aprons, canvases (primed or unprimed), paper and cardstock. Smooth walls, floors and furniture.
Unglazed clay, glazed pottery, cork, chalkboards, wood, and more.

Recommended Paints and Pigments
Use any acrylic paints (but no oil-based paints).
Use water-based or water-cleanup mediums, pigments, and ink pads. Okay with non-alcohol, non-solvent spray mists.

Special Effects
Load more than one color 
on the StampBuddy.
Use a sponge, brush, or roller to add color to ArtFoamies Stamps.
Paint fabric with a brush and use a clean ArtFoamies Stamp to lift color.
(The lift technique works best if a lighter color or extender is painted first).
Create shadow effects by stamping several times without more ink or paint.

Tips and Tricks
Put a layer of padding (towel, felt, phone book pages) under fabric before stamping.
Make sure walls and furniture are clean and dry before stamping.
Take care not to rock the ArtFoamies Stamp so images remain crisp.
Don’t forget to heat set fabric paint per manufacturer’s instructions.
Spread out rolls or large sheets of paper to make gift wrap.
Stamp on top of patterned papers to create unique effects.

Care and Storage
Rinse ArtFoamies Stamps with running water immediately after use.
Gently and thoroughly clean the grooves in the stamps.
Do not let paints or inks dry on the stamps.
Dish soap can be used if necessary, but do NOT use chemical cleaners.
Stamps may stain, but the stains won’t affect your art work
Rinse the StampBuddy before it dries; do not leave the StampBuddy in water.
Store ArtFoamies Stamps flat in shallow trays or boxes.
Make sure nothing presses into the stamps’ surface when they are stored.
(Give your ArtFoamies “headroom”!).


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