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Catherine Pooler Ink - Colour that inspire! Ink-Pads that work for you...

Posted on May 01 2018

Catherine Pooler Ink - Colour that inspire! Ink-Pads that work for you...

What Makes These Inks Different?

Color Made Easy!

My Ink Collections are formulated to help crafters easily create perfectly coordinated projects with matching saturations and tones.

The Party Line of inks are vibrant, saturated colors….think lime and bright pink.  With names like Fiesta Blue and Rockin’ Red, they are bright, fun and they scream party!

The Spa Line of inks are muted colors with a low saturation
level.  With names like Mandarin Spice and Shea Butter, they are perfect for a sophisticated and polished card design.

Arts and Crafts Supplies Online Australia Catherine Pooler Ink


Besides the foolproof Color Made Easy system…

  • Color coordination is a snap!  Our first collection, the Party Collection is made up of all vibrant, saturated colors that will go together perfectly.  No more guessing which color goes with which!
  • No more splotchy images!  Two or three gentle LOVE TAPS are all you need to get full coverage on your stamp which transfers beautifully to your cardstock.
  • No more muddy, dirty stamped images when residue from a dark ink gets picked up by a light color!
  • They are water reactive which makes them great for ever popular water splotching and flicking techniques.
  • Blending is easy!  These inks stay wet for a few seconds, so you have time to blend beautiful backgrounds with your coloured ink pads.

Catherine Pooler Ink Arts and Crafts Supplies Online Australia 

CP Designs Ink Pads are made of foam and foam pads transfer ink better to stamps.  A well inked stamp produces a better quality image.

All inks are premium dye inks and they are all non-permanent except for Midnight which is archival (and will stain your stamps – be sure to view the best practices video!).  Midnight is water-proof and safe for alcohol markers when dry.

Foam pads release ink very easily, so experiment and play with them to get used to this amazing pad!  Sometimes I end up with some pretty inky fingers after stamping, but they wash up pretty well…and hey!  Inky fingers are the sign of a happy stamper!  I wear them as a badge of honor.

 INK REFILLS:  Since our foam pads transfer ink so well, we recommend purchasing the ink refills when you purchase the pads so you’re never caught with a dry pad.  With “regular” stamping, you should be ok for a while, but if you do techniques, direct to paper, sponging, etc…your pad may dry out more quickly.  Ink refills are also awesome for techniques!  Win win!

So how do you reink an ink pad?  Watch the video to see how.

Catherine Pooler Designs are premium dye inks and they are all non-permanent, except for Midnight.

Midnight is an archival dye ink, is permanent and is safe for watercoloring and for using alcohol ink markers.  Midnight will stain your stamps – so press lightly so the ink only gets on the positive of the stamp and not in the nooks and crannies.

If you are looking for a dark grey ink that doesn’t stain your stamps like Midnight, try our Black Jack ink.

EMBOSSING INK!  These ink pads do not dry immediately…you have about 5 seconds if you want to sprinkle on some embossing powder.  Yep!  That means these ink pads work as COLORED embossing ink!

Since they do not dry immediately, they sponge nicely onto card stock with a light hand.

STAMPING BEST PRACTICES:  For best results we recommend lightly tapping your stamp to the pad several times (or the pad to the stamp if it’s a larger one) and checking to make sure it’s fully covered.  You can see through clear stamps to make sure.

There will always be some variation between stamped images since the stamping process itself is not precise and so many variables come into play.

You may want to stamp first (and sometimes twice) on scratch paper and reink in between so you aren’t starting with a completely clean stamp when you stamp on your projects.

You know I love them, but what are others saying about these inks?

Catherine Pooler Ink Arts and Crafts Supplies Online Australia

I am IN LOVE with CP ink! I, personally, never buy new ink because unless it does something my old ink doesn’t do, there is no point in adding to my collection. These inks are so unique – from their vibrancy, the way they stamp solid images, how they don’t contaminate from dark to light…the list goes on and on! So even if you have a ton of ink already, make room for these ones because they are AWESOME!” Justine Hovey

I admit it took me a while to get used to them.   They are much different than any other inks I have.  I get frustrated with other inks that I have to stamp multiple times with the MISTI.  Then there’s so much ink that it seeps through.  One layer cards are easy with these inks.    I’ve never been able to just stamp right on the card base before without it bleeding through.  So nice to only have to stamp once for a crisp image and also love that it doesn’t bleed through the card stock.  I think you hit a home run!” Lisa Harrolle

“Your new inks are amazing. They are becoming my go-to inks. Excited for more colors.”  Megan M.

“The colours are amazing ……they are my go-to, especially for 2nd generation stamping.”  Lydia Evans

“I can tell these will be our GO TO inks in the future – they do it all. I especially like the vibrant colors, and the clean even coverage!”  Barbara S.

“Dye inks that don’t transfer color, they blend, can be used to emboss, and react with water! I’m giddy with joy.”  Leslie

“Catherine!!!! Oh my gosh! I am so impressed with these stamp pads!   The colors are amazing. But most important of all, they work in the ways we all need for our crafting. You have thought of everything. I can’t wait! Thank you for all the time, thought, experimentation, energy… all that you have put into this line of stamp pads.”  Nina H.

Catherine Pooler Ink Arts and Crafts Supplies Online Australia

You all have had amazing questions, so I’ve compiled them here for easy reference.

Q:  Will you offer ink cubes?

A:  We do not plan to offer ink cubes at this time, but it may be something we look at in the future.

Q: How does your new ink stamp when you have a very intricately patterned stamp?

A: Your new mantra with these pads is “Little Love Tap”.  As long as you don’t over ink your stamp and press down too hard when stamping, you should get a beautiful, detailed image.  You may be used to pressing down very hard on your ink pads, but doing this with foam pads will push ink into the nooks and crannies of your stamp and may make a mess.  You may want to practice a bit on scratch paper first.

Q:  How many collections will there be?

A:  Right now we have two collections planned.

Q:  Are you going to sell them as a collection, individually, or both.

A:  We want to give you options, so you can purchase individual ink pads, refills, or buy the ink and refill together, or buy them by color collection…or purchase all of them at once!

Q:  Do you store them upside down or right side up?

A:  It is not necessary to store them upside down.  So right side up it is!

Q:  I have some foam ink pads that have disintegrated.  How will yours hold up?

A: The shelf life of our dye ink pads is at least 2 years, but they could last much longer with good care and storage.  We recommend storing them at close to room temperature (no extremes) and out of direct sunlight.  We also recommend that if you use stamp cleaners other than water that you also clean them with water to remove any residue that might be clinging to you stamp.

Q: I just wanted to know how the inks behave when using a brand new, not yet seasoned stamp?

A:  They will work great!  If you do get any splotchiness at all, just ink and stamp several times on scratch paper and you should be good to go!

Q: Can’t wait to try your new ink pads! They sound so versatile. But I’m curious how well the sponge base will hold up if I get over anxious and stamp down too hard.

A:  The pad itself will be fine, but you may find a bit of an inky mess!  You will also find that linen pads will get a dip in the middle after use, but foam pads do not tend to do that.  Do be gentle with your pad, though, since it’s foam if you are rough with them, they may tear.

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