WOW! Embossing Powder - Clear Gloss Regular 160ml

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WOW! Embossing Powder - Clear Gloss Regular 160ml

TRANSLUCENT. Clear Gloss all rounder. Every Crafter must have this in their collection.

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  • WOW EMBOSSING POWDER: WOW! Clear Embossing Powder. Embossing powder is the perfect way to add new life to your embossing projects. Add it to wet ink, dry it, and watch it create a whole new dimension! This package contains one 5.33oz/160ml bottle of embossing powder. Available in a variety of clear finishes (each sold separately). Non-toxic and acid free. Imported.

Grade Sizes

  • Regular ( R ) - All our powders are available in this grade. The particles are made the correct size to suit most applications.
  • Superfine ( SF ) - When the Regular grade powder overflows the edge of a line or a character a Superfine or “Detail” powder is required to give a crisp image. It will not give the highest raise but on a thin line it will feel just as high as the regular product.
  • Ultra High ( UH ) - This grade is a very chunky product. It is used for the Triple Embossing Technique and when a large area is to be embossed. It will give a high raise but can’t be used with regular or detailed stamps.
  • Mixed Particle Size ( X ) - This grade doesn't have a uniform particle size and will be a mix of any of the above grades. 

Powder Properties

  • We make our powders with either a translucent or a white raw material. The different bases have different properties which make it possible to achieve all the wonderful effects.
  • Translucent ( T ) - These powders will allow light through them and so the colour under them will affect the finished result.
  • Opaque ( O ) - These powders will not let light through and so when embossing they will not be affected by the colour under them.
  • Marbling ( M ) - These powders have a white base and so when moulding the white will appear producing some fantastic marble effects.

WOW! Embossing Glitter 

WOW! Embossing Powder - Clear Gloss Regular 160ml

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