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Winsor & Newton PROMARKER Alcohol and Dye Based Markers - Greys


Winsor & Newton PROMARKER  Alcohol and Dye Based Markers - Greys

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The ProMarker 12 Greys has two Blacks as well as the full, five-strong spectrums of Warm Grey and Cool Grey. Graduate the grey tones and smooth any felt marks with the a colourless Blender; or use your BrushMarker on top of a layer of Blender to keep the ink wetter and more malleable for longer. As with all Promakers all  the Greys were specifically curated to complement each other and broaden your colour collection.

Winsor & Newton ProMarker is a high quality, twin tipped marker, offering a perfect introduction to colouring with an alcohol based marker. ProMarker colours have a translucent quality and can be layered to achieve varying depth and opacity. Ideal for illustration, comic art and a range of creative applications. Promarkers feature two inbuilt nibs

  • Fine Bullet Nib ideal for precise detailing and line work
  • Broad Nib great for quick visuals and filling in larger areas
This twin-tipped marker works for versatile artists who seek both broad and fine applications of colour.No matter which nib you use, it provides smooth, flawless coverage.When used with ProMarker Blender, the extent of its tonality can be explored.

The colour dyes in ProMarkers ensure even colour lay-down, outstanding vibrancy and tonal variation. Winsor & Newton ProMarkers are available in an extensive palette of 147 colours ranging from subtle pastels through to bold vibrant hues. Also available in browns. The range also includes the ProMarker Blender which can be used to soften and merge colours together.

Fast drying and can be used on plastic and metal. Brushmarker and ProMarker contain the same alcohol and dye formulation allowing mixing between the ranges.

Available in Brushmarker Sets of 6

Use along side all other Winsor & Newton ProMarkers