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WF Book - Art of Basic Oil Painting


WF Book - Art of Basic Oil Painting

Oil painting has inspired and intrigued artists of all skill levels for hundreds of years.

In The Art of Basic Oil Painting , those interested in learning how to work in oil can find step-by-step painting lessons that are clear, approachable, and inspirational to get themselves up and running with this complex and multifaceted medium.

Written by a team of expert oil painters, this comprehensive guide first provides an overview of tools and materials, including brushes, supports, mediums, palettes, and paint.

There are also introductory sections on color theory, basic drawing methods, perspective, composition, lighting, painting from photographs, and more.

Once this information is mastered, readers can go on to work their way through step-by-step projects spanning a wide range of appealing subjects, including portraits, landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, and florals. Basic painting techniques, the use of mediums, and the intricacies of color mixing are all laid out in a fun, easy-to-digest format.

With its fresh approach, beautiful illustrations, and plethora of insider tips, The Art of Basic Oil Painting is a book no aspiring oil painter should be without.

Authors  Marcia Baldwin, James Sulkowski, Lorraine Gray, Jim McConlogue, Glenda Brown, Varvara Harmon, Jason Morgan, and Vanessa Rothe.

Paperback. 144 pages. 8¾" × 11½" (23 cm × 29 cm).

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