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Waffle Flower - Spotlight Hexagon Stencil


Waffle Flower - Spotlight Hexagon Stencil

  • The Spotlight Hexagon Stencil is one of a series that can be used to stencil or mask a shape onto your backgrounds. This stencil comes with both the positive and negative cuts which can be used as a stencil or mask. Use the positive cut as a stencil to make a hexagon on your card with blended ink, paint, gels/pastes, or more.
  • Use the negative cut as a mask to keep a clean hexagon shape for sentiments or other stamped images. This stencil comes with handy guidelines that help with portrait or landscape placement on A2-sized cards. Made from a thin but strong plastic, it’s easily cleaned no matter what your choice of media.
  • Stencil size: 5.25x6.5

This product is part of the Waffle Flower April 2021 Release.

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