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Uni Pin Fineliner Pens


Uni Pin Fineliner Pens 

Each colour is sold separately.
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These Uni-Ball Fineliners are perfect for drawing and drafting thanks to its Uni Super Ink which is permanent, waterproof and fade proof.
  • It will write fine lines from a strong tip that will last a long time without spreading.
  • This fineliner has a window cap which displays the point width so you can easily find the liner you are looking for.
  • It has a pocket clip on the lid so you can easily take it on the go.
  • The super tough tip will ensure this liner can withstand pressure and last a long time.
  • These fineliners are available in 4 colours : Black , Grey, Dark Grey and Sepia.
  • Black is available in 11 nib sizes . Including:

  • Grey, Dark Grey and Sepia are available in two nib sizes :  .1 and .5.

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