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Ultimate Craft Owl Mini Die


Ultimate Craft Owl Mini Die

 A fabulous Australiana Collection of dies bringing the outback together with grass trees, gum leaves, furry friends and other Aussie icons. These dies are perfect for creating special cards for overseas friends and family or adding Aussie accents to your snap booking layouts. 

This Australiana Collection includes this Owl Mini Die. Perfect for scrapbooking, card making many crafting themes! 

Part of our Australiana Collection

Ultimate Craft Australiana Mini Dies - Ultimate Craft Kangaroo Mini Die


  • Australia is home to eleven species that collectively cover every state and territory.
  • From our smallest species the Southern Boobook, standing at 25 cm tall to our largest, the Powerful Owl at 65 cm, owls can be found in various habitats from wet rain forests to open woodlands.
  • Here, in Australia we have Ninox and Tyto genus of owls.
  • Nationally, the conservation status of all Australian owl species is 'not in danger'. However, from state to state owls are facing their own problems due to two main issues.
  • The first is baiting of prey items such as mice to stop agriculture and farming losses.
  • The second, habitat loss, is a far bigger issue.
  • Most of our owl species rely heavily on old growth trees with hollows for breeding. Hollows take hundreds of years to form and land clearing is wiping out these trees at an alarming rate.