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UCreate Doodletop Squiggly Stencil Kit - Sweets


UCreate Doodletop Squiggly Stencil Kit - Sweets

 The Doodletop Squiggly Stencil Kit creates colourful, beautiful images with the Doodletop.

  • Use different coloured pens to create a crazy, rainbow squiggly picture. Each picture will be a unique work of art. Place a piece of paper and a stencil into the design tray and start spinning. Pick up the design tray and slowly tilt it to direct where the Doodletop spins.
  • The kit includes eight stencils that can be used over and over again.
  • Design: Sweets. Package includes one Doodletop (colours may vary), eight reusable stencils, five interchangeable pens, ten sheets of design paper, one design tray (box bottom) and instructions. Recommended for ages 5 and up.
  • Imported.

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