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Tulip - 5 Bottle Tie Dye Kit Mermaid


Tulip - 5 Bottle Tie Dye Kit Mermaid 

Tulip 5 Bottle Tie Dye Kit Mermaid

  • Personalize your clothing in one step with this 59-piece Tulip® tie-dye kit. The cool sea-themed colours work on natural-fiber fabrics, including cotton, rayon, and wool, giving you decorative flexibility, and the nontoxic dye remains bright on your wearable even after repeated machine washing for a permanent design. This Mermaid Tulip tie-dye kit contains enough supplies for 30 projects, making it a great choice for group crafting.
  • Kit includes 5 easy-squeeze bottles of nontoxic dye in a magical colour palette - just add water.
  • Also includes 3 different shimmery beach-themed iron-on appliques that permanently adhere to fabric once ironed in place.
  • No need to presoak fabrics in soda ash before dyeing; dyes are safe to machine wash – colours stay bright and bold through repeated washings
  • Includes project instruction guide.

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Tulip 5 Bottle Tie Dye Kit MermaidTulip 5 Bottle Tie Dye Kit Mermaid