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Imagine Tsukineko- Walnut Ink Sprays and Crystals



Walnut Ink

Create beautiful earth-toned effects with Walnut Inks. A natural colorant from walnut husks is used in creating eight beautiful Walnut Ink colors.

  • Great for use on any porous surface
  • Water-based and archival
  • Dry walnut crystals are available for mixing your own custom colors and washes of Walnut Ink

Product Dimensions:

  • Walnut Ink Spray Bottle: 2 fl oz (59ml)
  • Walnut Ink Spritzer: 8ml
  • Walnut Ink Crystals: 2 oz jar (57g)

Walnut Ink Crystal

  • TSUKINEKO-Walnut Ink Crystals. Just like walnut ink but in dry crystal form so you choose the shade you want by how much water you mix in. Mix 1 teaspoon of crystals with 1/2 cup of hot water for standard 2.5% solution or add more or less water for the shade you want.
  • This package contains 2 ounces of Walnut Ink crystals. Archival and acid-free. Conforms to ASTM D4236.

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