Tsukineko Delicata Pigment Ink Pads

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Tsukineko Delicata Pigment Ink Pads

Tsukineko Delicata Pigment Ink Pads

In 1982, Tsukineko introduced the very first water-based pigment ink pad which was met with widespread enthusiasm by the crafting industry. This pigment ink pad led to the development of the at-the-time revolutionary multi-color stamp which then led to the creation of a myriad of other inks! 


Uncoated paper. Drying time, 10 to 15 minutes on uncoated papers. Varies based on weight / type of paper, humidity, etc. Embossing, Very suitable since it dries slowly. (recommended to use transparent embossing powder)

Tsukineko Delicata Pigment Ink Pads

Delicata is not suited for embossing since it dries quickly. An exceptionally large color line ensures you have the perfect color every time. Fade resistant, traditional pigment ink. 

Go to our BLOG to see the gold stamp in action 😊

Tsukineko Delicata Pigment Ink PadsTsukineko Delicata Pigment Ink Pads

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