Tsukineko All Purpose Ink- Metallic

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Tsukineko All Purpose Ink- Metallic


Application Fabric, unpainted wood, uncoated paper, leather(tanned leather), unglazed pottery
Drying time Apply heat source for 15 seconds (iron or hair dryer.) Varies based on material, humidity, etc.
  • Brilliant ink colors dry without caking - fabrics remain soft.
  • Perfect for use on quilting projects.
  • Made for use with Fantastix coloring tool. Place the tip of the Fantastix into a bottle of API. The Fantastix will soak the ink into its barrel, allowing the tool to be used like a pen.
  • Heat set on textiles with an iron.
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    *Always test on a scrap piece of material before using on final project.


    ●Stamp an image using VersaCraft, heat set with an iron and color in with All Purpose Inks.

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