Tim Holtz Idea-ology Tools - Design Ruler

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 Tim Holtz Idea-ology Tools - Design Ruler

The Perfect All-In-One Tool! Tim Holtz has designed this perfect tool! This clear acrylic ruler allows you to see exactly what you're working on.

  • It has a grid background for perfect placement, a center measuring guide, a straight edge for drawing lines, a metal edge for cutting, and evenly spaced holes for piercing - it simply has it all!
  • The grid design allows the ruler to be lined up correctly. Papercrafters often have a hard time knowing when the ruler is straight. This Design Ruler solves that problem. The grid lines provide a way to make sure it is straight before drawing a line.
  • The metal edge can be used to line up a cut with a craft knife. Always use a glass mat or self-healing mat when using a craft knife. The ruler has small holes 1/8" apart. By using a piercing tool you can create holes in paper underneath it. It pierces well with a variety of piercing tools, even a thumbtack.


  • 12" long.


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