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Tattered Angels - High Impact Mixed Media Paint


Tattered Angels - High Impact Mixed Media Paint

Each colour is sold separately.
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Tattered Angels - High Impact Mixed Media Paint

Tattered Angels - High Impact Mixed Media Paint

  • High Impact is the thickest paint in the Tattered Angels family.
  • It's an opaque paint with excellent, color-rich coverage that leaves a shine once dried.
  • Use for small detail or overall coverage. For best results, shake before using.  Paints on any surfaces with a smooth, metallic finish when dry.  
  • Great for plastic, metal, glass, paper, fabric and more.  Transform any surface to a metallic finish.  
  • Available in 1.35 oz clear bottles.
  • Acid-free and non-toxic.
  • Apply with paintbrush.
  • For Decorative Purposes.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Shake paint well before use.
  • Cover work surface.  Paint adheres to just about all surfaces, so working on a non-stick mat or layers of paper is best recommended.
  • Great alternative when looking for a better quality paint than standard acrylic craft paint.
  • Apply with the brush of choice.  Wash brushes immediately after application as paint dries quickly.
  • Paint is of a thick consistency allowing, which makes it perfect for painting on textured surfaces such as burlap, distressed wood, barn wood, canvas, dimensional metals and other finishes.
  • High Impact is designed to paint on just about any surface.  Full coverage is achieved in 1-2 coats, additional coats can be applied as needed.  Perfect for finished and non-finished wood.
  • Metallic High Impact Paints will dry with a faux metal finish.  
  • Pure Pigment High Impact Paints are rich in color and will dry very similar to the color you see on the bottle.
  • You can blend High Impact Paints to create new colors across both Metallic and Pure Pigment paints.
  • No sanding or priming is required before painting
  • Brush stokes will disappear if paint is evenly applied
  • Test a small area to determine how the paint will adhere to each surface.
  • Fabric surfaces will become more sturdy or rigid when dry.
  • Permanent when dry.


  • Our paint of choice for stenciling and works well onto a wide range of textured surfaces.  Make sure that stencil is secure on surface to make sure paint stays in place when applied.
  • Perfect for writing onto textured surfaces freehand or with a stencil.
  • Paint metal hinges, knobs and other home décor accessories.  The perfect companion to our DIY paint when painting doors, dressers and other pieces with metal or wooden accents.
  • When looking for a detailing paint to apply on top of our DIY paint such as gold or metallic trim, High Impact will do the trick.
  • Paint on glass or plastic for full coverage of color.
  • Our metallic colors create a foiling or metal finishing technique on projects.
  • Add a small amount of water to dilute the paint if a thinner coating is desired.
  • White or light High Impact provide a gesso like finish on burlap and canvas with a touch of shimmer and sheen.
  • Apply White High Impact to sticks or styrofoam pieces to created faux finished or snow covered wood techniques.

Recommended Surfaces: