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Tack 'N Peel Reusable Cling Sheet


Tack 'N Peel Reusable Cling Sheet

Tack 'n Peel is a durable two-sided flexible adhesive material for crafters; one side features a strong adhesive (covered with yellow liner) and the other side's weaker adhesive (clear liner) allow stamps and "found" objects to be easily adhered and removed.

  • Durable adhesives allow the surfaces to be re-used over and over again; simply clean with soapy water
  • Material thickness is approximately 1/8-inch
  • Easy to cut to size, Tack 'n' Peel can be used with any size of stamping block
  • Create unique stamps by attaching paper clips, rubber bands or other materials; Tack 'n' Peel can also be mounted to a brayer to roll inked images onto your projects
  • One piece per package
  • Package dimensions: 7.5 x 4 inches (188 mm x 102 mm)

VIDEO - How to use your Tack 'N Peel.