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StencilGirl - MB's Grid Stencils


StencilGirl - MB's Grid Stencils


  • Get your grid on with this set of three 6"x12" stencils

  • Each stencil has a different sized grid, perfect for providing you with endless options in your artwork

  • Work as the grid is symmetrical and pleasing to the eye

  • Interiors of squares: 7/8", 1 3/4", 2 1/2"

  • Use these stencils to start a composition, integrate component parts or add a finishing touch; with these grids you can do it all
  • Suitable for any medium, use in your art journaling or mixed media work, and they're perfect for creating cards or scrapbook pages
Product Details:
  • 6" x 12"

  • 7 mil mylar stencil that is thick enough to be durable and long lasting, yet they are thin enough to provide a seamless look in your art

  • Made in the USA