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StencilGirl Grid Outline 8 by 8 Stencil

The Grid Outline 8 by 8 stencil by Mary Beth Shaw is filled with sixty-four small square outlines in a grid pattern, each less than 1/2" squared. This smaller grid design is ideal for adding layers of texture and pattern into your work, plus you always have the option to customize the stencil for your project by masking off part of the stencil to create a row or smaller section of squares. Try using this design in your art journaling, to create backgrounds for handmade cards or scrapbook layouts, to create a row of check boxes for bullet journaling or a planner list page... the options are endless!

Product Details:
- 6"x6"
- 7 mil mylar is thick enough to be durable, yet thin enough for a seamless look in your art
- Made in the USA