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StencilGirl - Collage Textures and Patterns, Circles Stencil


StencilGirl - Collage Textures and Patterns, Circles Stencil

The Collage Patterns and Textures, Circles stencil by Gwen Lafleur was designed with the idea of creating your own collage papers and backgrounds with a variety of versatile patterns.

This stencil has three different designs -

  • The first has scattered circles with Xs in the centers, perfect for creating texture and backgrounds in art journaling or on collage papers.
  • The second is a border design that can be lined up and repeated across the entire width of your project, or you can just use portions of it.
  • The third is a repeating pattern featuring overlapping rows of circles with Xs in the centre and partial sunburst designs. This can be repeated to create a full background, or you can just use part of it to add texture and pattern to your mixed media and paper crafting projects.

Use them to add focal points to your projects, or try them with Gwen's Boho collage techniques on our BLOG

It's also fabulous when used with modelling or texture paste and products from our wide range of paints

If there are stencils you want and do not appear on the site...just send me a message to: and I will bring it to you :-)

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Product Details

  • 9"x12"
  • 7mil mylar is thick enough to be durable, yet thin enough for a seamless look in your art
  • Made in the USA