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StencilGirl - Antique Tiles 12x24 Stencil


StencilGirl - Antique Tiles 12x24 Stencil

 StencilGirl - Antique Tiles 12x24 Stencil

  • The Antique Tiles 12x24 stencil by Mary Beth Shaw let's you take your work up a notch... literally! The larger size makes this stencil ideal for creating repeating patterns in home decor - stenciling walls or furniture... whatever you'd like!
  • It's also perfect for use in your larger scale artwork and art journals (imagine covering your entire background with one stencil!)

Product Details:

  • 12"x24"
  • 7mil mylar is thick enough to be durable, yet thin enough for a seamless look in your work
  • Made in the USA

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StencilGirl - Antique Tiles 12x24 StencilStencilGirl - Antique Tiles 12x24 Stencil