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Sprinks Choco Drops Variety 200g

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Sprinks Choco Drops Variety 200g

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Sprinks Choco Drops 200g

New Choco Drops by Sprinks - Made for Baking & Melting (and decorating).
This great-tasting, easy to use coloured compound chocolate drops are a perfect addition to any bakers pantry.
Say goodbye to tricky candy melts, SPRINKS has now made it easy to use and with the ability to adapt to your baking requirements.
Features of Choco Drops:

  • Easy to melt
  • Great chocolate taste that doesn't leave a residue on the pallet.
  • Great for drip cakes
  • Ideal for use in chocolate & silicone moulds
  • Colourful decorative finish to cakes, cupcakes & cookies
  • Will hold it shaped if baked into cookies etc.
  • Can also be used to add to sprinkle mixes, or alone as a colourful chocolate sprinkle.
  • Each drop is approximately 8mm in diameter, so melts efficiently and easily.
  • Available in a range of colours.

Note: We recommend adding Colour Mill Black if you are looking to achieve a true deep black. 

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Sprinks Choco Drops 200gSprinks Choco Drops Variety 200gSprinks Choco Drops Variety 200g