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Speedball Silkscreen Printing Kit: 12 Pieces


Speedball Silkscreen Printing Kit: 12 Pieces

Implement your T-shirt design with this Speedball silkscreen printing kit. It lets you draw an original art with the drawing fluid and screen filler or apply a printed or photocopied design through photo emulsion. This 12-piece fabric printing kit makes a great introductory set for silkscreen beginners and for artists using shirts and cloth bags as canvasses.
  • 10 x 14-inch printing screen
  • Red Baron™ squeegee
  • 2 4-ounce jars of fabric screen printing ink: black and red
  • 4-ounce drawing fluid
  • 4-ounce screen filler
  • 3.3-ounce Diazo photo emulsion
  • 1.07-gram Diazo sensitizer
  • 4-ounce photo emulsion remover
  • 4-ounce Speed Clean™ screen filler remover
  • Round brush
  • Craft sticks
  • Instruction guide

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