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Spectrum Noir Sparkle Glitter Ink 30ml - 3pc


Spectrum Noir AquaTint Liquid Ink 30ml - (3pc)

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Spectrum Noir Sparkle Liquid Ink 30ml  (3pc)

  • Set of three Spectrum Noir Sparkle Glitter Inks.
  • Contains ultra fine glitter for a sparkly finish.
  • High pigmentation and easy blendability.
  • The Sparkle Glitter Inks from Spectrum Noir are perfect for the Crafter or Colourist who wants to experiment and get messy. Their shimmering vivid colours will dilute and blend almost endlessly, for a range of easy-to-achieve artistic effects that are simply stunning!
  • These Glitter Inks take inspiration from the much-loved Sparkle Glitter Brush-Pens, so each colour of ink has a matching pen. However, you receive 30ml in each jar, which is over four times the amount of the 7ml pens, so you'll have plenty of ink for all of your projects.
  • The fluid colours of the Sparkle Glitter Inks are infused with a perfect sheen of dazzling glitter. Their high pigmentation can be watered down to offer an exciting range of sparkling gradations and blended colour effects, so creating seamless transitions between colours is simple.
  • A single colour can be applied with almost limitliess range, thanks to the high intensity pigment in this product. This means that a little goes a long way and coverage is greatly increased for knock-out colour payoff. With the added glitter running throughout, you'll be left the most beautiful and eye-catching artwork.
  • Try your hand at the Sparkle Glitter Inks from Spectrum Noir - you'll be amazed at what they can do!


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Metallic Set

  • Onyx Black - a charcoal black
  • Spun Gold - a muted bronze
  • Sterling Silver - a true silver grey

Summer Time

  • Solar Red - a muted bright red
  • Emerald Green - a punchy grass green
  • Blue Topaz - a vivid sky blue

Winter Warmers

  • Red Berry - a deep, berry pink
  • Holly Leaf - a leafy green
  • Starry Sky - a true royal blue

Falling Leaves

  • Smoke Quartz - a warm chocolate brown
  • Harvest Moon - a rusty orange
  • Olive Jade - an earthy khaki green

Perfect Pastels

  • Moonstone - a mystical pastel blue
  • Cosmos - a soft lilac
  • Rose Quartz - a delicate baby pink

Shades of Spring

  • Pink Champagne - a muted rose pink
  • Moonlight - a pastel lemon yellow
  • Soft Jade - a pale mint green

Glitz and Glamour

  • Aquamarine - a bright aqua blue
  • Amethyst - a vivid plum purple
  • Pink Garnet - a fuchsia pink

Crystal Clear

  •  Crystal Clear Sparkle Glitter Inks

Cosy Christmas

  • Mulled Wine, a beautiful, deep burgundy
  • Log Fire, a terracotta
  • Candle Light, a warm golden

Spectrum Noir Sparkle Liquid Ink 30ml  (3pc)
Spectrum Noir Sparkle Liquid Ink 30ml  (3pc)
Spectrum Noir Sparkle Liquid Ink 30ml  (3pc)
Spectrum Noir Sparkle Liquid Ink 30ml  (3pc)
Spectrum Noir Sparkle Liquid Ink 30ml  (3pc)
Spectrum Noir Sparkle Liquid Ink 30ml  (3pc)