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Spectrum Noir Dual Tip Alcohol Markers - Illustrator - Sketching - 12 pack


Spectrum Noir Illustrator Twin Tip Markers 12 pack - Sketching

  • Contains: Daffodil CT1, Sunshine CT2, Yellow Green LG2, Salad LG4, Pearl Blue TB1, Denim TB3, Lilac HB1, Hyd-rangea HB2, Baby Pink PP2, Fruit Pink PP5, Pale Tin TN1, Apricot TN3
  • Spectrum Noir Illustrator is a range of 216 artist-grade, premium-quality, double-ended alcohol ink markers. With a super-fine nib for precision and accuracy in colouring and a brush nib for versatility and extra control in your work, these markers are perfect for every papercrafting project. With smooth, natural line-work and detailed colouring  these pens also offer blendable and streak free coverage – perfect for drawing and illustration

  • Illustrator colours are named and arranged differently but they still follow the rules of the original Spectrum Noir alcohol marker colouring system. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for existing Spectrum Noir colourists to use Illustrator side by side with the original marker. That’s why every Illustrator marker shows the original colouring system cross-reference on its cap.

Spectrum Noir Dual Tip Alcohol Markers - Illustrator - Landscape 12 pack

 The Spectrum Noir Illustrator range consists of eight sets of six and four sets of twelve markers.