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Spectrum Noir Dual Tip Alcohol Markers - Graphic - Cityscape 12 pack


Spectrum Noir Dual Tip Alcohol Markers - Graphic - Cityscape 12 pack

Graphic is Spectrum Noir’s brand new alcohol marker for artists and designers. Featuring the same popular chisel and fine nib combination as the original Spectrum Noir marker.

Spectrum Noir Graphic is a range of 216 designer-grade, premium-quality, double-ended alcohol ink markers. With a broad chisel nib for large area fills and bold strokes and a fine nib for extra control and detail in your work, these markers are perfect for every design project.

Graphic colours are named and arranged differently but they still follow the rules of the original Spectrum Noir alcohol marker colouring system. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for existing Spectrum Noir colourists to use Graphic side by side with the original marker. That’s why every Graphic marker shows the original coloring system cross-reference on its cap.

Graphic markers are: 

  • longer lasting, with 25% more ink. They are a great value for the more serious artist who sketches & draws regularly.
  • Versatile, ergonomic barrel design: for comfortable, extended use, supporting a range of grips and stroke styles.
  • They’re available in tonal color sets for easy shading or individually to offer full flexibility for more experienced artists & designers who want to choose their own palette.
  • They have fast-drying ink for smooth and effective work
  • The markers are non-toxic and safe to use
  • You can refill your markers once the ink has been used
  • The marker caps are double-layered for extended time between refills.


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