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Spectrum Noir Beginner's Guide DVD - ColourBlend Color Pencils


Containing over 75 minutes of expert guidance, this DVD is your complete and comprehensive beginner’s guide. You’ll learn all of the basics to help you achieve high-quality coloured results out of your Colourblend Artist’s blending pencils.

What is a blendable pencil?

Make up of a blendable pencil and how to look after your pencils.

Blendable Pencils, the basics:

What makes our pencils blendable, and how to blend with them.

Blending with coloured pencils

Learn the diff­erent methods of blending with your pencils.

Applying colouing techniques

Transfer your newly acquired skills to colour high-quality images.

Pencils with alcohol markers

Really enhance alcohol marker work with use of your pencils.

Colouring with mixed media

Explore diff­erent surfaces and media you can use with your pencils.

Colouring on parchment

Learn how your pencils are perfect for parchment work.

Whitewash on Kraft card

Create a subtle white wash eff­ect on Kraft card, using gesso.