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Spectrum Noir Aqua Markers 12 Pack - Nature


Spectrum Noir Aqua Markers 12 Pack - Nature

Spectrum Noir Aqua Markers 12 Pack - Nature


  • They are dual-tipped, combining a soft, flexible brush with a fine point for adding detail and definition
  • The markers have an ergonomic octagonal barrel design for greater comfort when colouring
  • The rich, vibrant water-based inks give super-smooth coverage
  • The ink is water-soluble making it easily diffused and blended with water for an endless variety of subtle tones
  • The markers are available in colour groups for easy blending
  • They are acid- and odour free, are non-toxic and safe to use

These great features make Spectrum Aqua perfect for sketching and illustration across a variety of subjects – portraits, characters, wildlife, landscapes and more.

You can use Spectrum Aqua on crafting projects too – for stamped designs with an alternative, more delicate water-colored look. Or for producing beautiful washes and background effects.

Spectrum Aqua is also great for layout and design work, making it a handy tool for students. Enhance your portfolio with hand drawn renders, working alongside paints, pencils and other design media.

Or if you’re colouring just for fun, Spectrum Aqua’s clean colours and easy handling are ideally suited to Manga and comic artwork – from big, bold heroes… to more refined, subtle characters

Comes in attractive case

Enjoy with our watercolour pads and topper stacks and learn watching our DVD


Spectrum Noir Aqua Markers 12 Pack - Nature