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Silk Clay Set - 36 pcs


Silk Clay Set - 36 pcs

  • Silk clay modeling set - Assorted colours 31 pcs.
  • This Silk Clay® modeling clay set box is ideal for children's manual activity.
  • Thanks to this clay, the youngest (from 3 years old) will enjoy modelling, sculpting, creating 3D shapes or decorations.
  • The clay can be applied to wood, polystyrene or other materials.
  • The advantage of Silk Clay® clay is that it is self-hardening, i.e.
  • it hardens in the open air.
  • You'll see, it's easy to use and the designs are easily beautiful.
  • Bring an original decoration in a child's room, on a garland or on objects.
  • Great creative activity to do at a birthday party or on a rainy day.

Technical Data 

  • Silk Clay® modelling clay.
  • Gluten free.
  • Easily miscible colors.
  • Store in a hermetically sealed jar.
  • From 3 years.


  •  31 pcs- Silk Clay® modeling clay set.
  •  18 jars of 14 g Silk Clay® coloured modelling clay.
  •  10 jars of Silk Clay® coloured modelling clay of 35 g.
  •  Modelling tools.

Description : Silk Clay

Self-hardening, pliable, soft and lightweight modelling compound, which retains its soft and rubber-like texture when dry. Packed in a plastic tub – store unused clay in an airtight plastic container.

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