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Sculpture Canvas


Sculpture Canvas 

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 Sculpture Canvas 18x24x3cm

  • Create 3D relief art
  • Light weight and extremely strong 
  • Easy to carve and shape 
  • Achieve fine detailed designs
  • Use with standard tools
  • Prime and finish with any paint
  • Can be coated with decorative finishes

Guidelines for for creating a 3D painting with Sculpture Canvas®

  • Step 1: Make a drawing with a pencil on your canvas as a guide. Shade the areas that you wish to remove.
  • Use rounded chisels to shape your Sculpture Canvas®.  
  • Step 2: Use rifflers and rasps for refining details or use a 80 grid sandpaper.
  • Use 120 grid sandpaper for a smooth finish. Use a soft brush in between to remove dust and particles.
  • Step 3: Coat the surface with an acrylic binder or a quality gesso. Coat up to 2 times.
  • Step 4: Paint it with any type of acrylic, watercolor or oil paint
  • Tips: You can repeat any step at any moment to improve your painting.
  • Use your tools also to make textures and special structures in your Sculpture Canvas®.

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    Sculpture CanvasSculpture CanvasSculpture CanvasSculpture CanvasSculpture CanvasSculpture Canvas