Sculpey® III Sampler (Bars of Clay)

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Sculpey® III Sampler (Bars of Clay)

  • Great for beginners, kids and parents due to its soft, easy to use texture.
  • Clay will stay soft until baked in home oven.
  • Extra clay can be stored and reused - won’t dry out!
  • Once cured, clay can be painted, sanded, drilled and carved.
Sculpey III Sampler 30pc 1 oz Bars
  • The 30 Colour Sampler is one of our best sellers! Sculpey® III is the perfect medium for anyone who likes to create!
  • A wonderful gift, this economical pack is a great way to experiment with the Sculpey® III colour family.
  • Colours included: Black, Emerald, Violet, Yellow, Teal Pearl, Red Hot Red, Just Orange, Ballerina, Lt. Blue Pearl, Translucent, Sweet Potato, Blue, Deep Red Pearl, Pearl, Spring, Lilac, Suede Brown, Granny Smith, Gold, Lemonade, Navy Pearl, Hot Pink, Chocolate, Beige, Turquoise, Leaf Green, Sky Blue, Silver, Red, White.
Sculpey III Sampler Classic 10 pc 2 oz Bars
  • Includes 10 - 1 oz bars of clay: Black, White, Chocolate, Emerald, Yellow, Just Orange, Beige, Red, Purple, Blue.
Sculpey III Sampler Naturals 10 pc 2 oz Bars
  • Includes 10 - 2 oz bars of clay: White, Black, Elephant Gray, Leaf Green, Red, Hazelnut, Sweet, Potato, Beige, Suede Brown, Tan.
Sculpey III Sampler Bright Ideas 10 pc 2 oz Bars
  • Includes 10 - 2 oz bars of clay: White, Yellow, Orange, Red Hot Red, Hot Pink, Fuchsia Pearl, Violet, Purple, Turquoise, Granny Smith.

Sculpey III Sampler Classic Multi - 12pc 1oz Bars

Includes 12 - 1 oz. bars of clay: White, Yellow, Just Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, Emerald, Granny Smith, Chocolate, Tan, Elephant Gray, Black.


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