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Scor-Pal - Scor-Buddy Mini Scoring Board 24cmX19cm - Metric


Scor-Pal - Scor-Buddy Mini Scoring Board 24cmX19cm - Metric

  • Scor Pal-Scor Buddy Mini Scoring Board: Metric. One of the key benefits of Scor-Buddy is the ability to score multiple score lines at the same time, without moving the cardstock.
  • Make intricate cards, grid and reverse grid cards, gate fold cards, accordion folds, brochure/flyer score lines, boxes, origami, iris folding's and more! This package contains one 9-1/4x7-3/8 inch Scor-Buddy mini scoring board with centimetre measurements on both sides (up to 17 centimetres) and markings for scoring specific paper folds, one scoring tool and one storage tote.
  • The metric Scor-Buddy has grooves every 1cm across the board.
  • There are specialty grooves for Gate Fold, A5, A6 and A7 card folds. A free Scor-Tool is included in the snap-in holder and also comes with a faux suede carry tote.
  • Imported.

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