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Sakura - CrayPas Junior Artist Oil Pastels Set - 12 Assorted


Sakura - CrayPas Junior Artist Oil Pastels Set - 12 Assorted

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  • Sakura Cray-pas Junior Artist oil pastels are the ideal colouring tool for children. The refined combination of wax, oil and pigments provide an excellent colour product for many different types of applications and effects. Ideal for techniques such as rubbings, blending, gradations, scratch back, watercolour resist, overlaying, general sketch or as an introduction to oil painting techniques.
  • Cray-Pas conform to ASTM D-4236 and are rated CP non toxic. 
  • Fine quality oil pastels.Regular Stick: Φ8mmx60.8mm.
  • Bright and intense colour.
  • Drawing stick made from a special combination of pigments, oil and wax.
  • Extremely smooth and very easy to apply.
  • Perfect for colour mixing and colour overlaying.

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