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Royal Talens Bruynzeel Design Pastel Pencil Box 12


Royal Talens Bruynzeel Design Pastel Pencil Box 12

Bring Your Artwork To Life In Vivid Color With Premium Quality Pastel Pencils Created For The Most Discerning Artist!

Talens Bruynzeel Design Pastel Pencil Sets are designed precisely for needs of artists, designers and illustrators. These high quality pastel pencils are crafted with the fines lightfast pigments and Kaolin clay. The 3.7 mm wide-gauge, perfectly centered, and double-glued colored cores combine with the finest light cedar casings to make Bruynzeel Design Pastel Pencils are very resistant to breakage, hold a point better than most pastel pencils and are a joy to sharpen. Each set is presented in a high-quality keepsake box with padded compartments to keep your pencils secure

Key Features:
  • Premium highly pigmented pastel pencils
  • 3.7 mm wide-gauge
  • Highest quality Kaolin clay binder for a dense core that holds its point and has a soft touch
  • A color range that is complimentary with Rembrandt Pastels
  • Double-glued colored cores
  • Finest light cedar casings
  • Sets of 12, 24, 48 (can bring in the 24 and 48 on request)
Perfect For:
  • Pastel Painting
  • Field sketches / cityscapes
  • Illustrators and designers
  • Watercolour, pastel and mixed media papers

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