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Royal Posthumus Woodies - Wood Mounted Stamps


Woodies-Mounted Rubber Stamp. The perfect stamps for any card, envelope, scrapbook and more! Made of FSC-certified beech wood painted with UV-resistant, semi-gloss water varnish. The grey rubber layers are color-matched and made from 100% natural rubber, emphasizing the premium character. A 2mm layer of foam rubber between the wood and stamp rubber serves as a shock absorber. Contains one 1-7/20 inch wood mounted stamp. Design: This Book Belongs To. Imported.

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  • Good Luck 
  • I miss you
  • THX
  • This Book Belongs To:
Royal Posthumus has been designing and supplying marking solutions for the commercial and private markets since 1865. Their products include stamps for various purposes, nameplates and badges and high quality printed material. Their main markets are offices, printing companies and the packaging industry and security sector. They market our products under the trade-name 'Posta'.