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Rock Art - Book by Denise Scicluna


Rock Art - Book by Denise Scicluna

Rock Art - Book by Denise Scicluna

Denise Scicluna shows techniques for painting eccentric art on rocks! You can create Scottish terriers, goldfish, monsters, houses, hearts, happy faces, geometrics, abstracts, horses, bugs, beetles, plaids, daisies, apples, bananas, moons, ferns, fairies, mushrooms, stripes, stars, Autumn leaves, undersea creatures, feathers, cats, cacti, skyscrapers, sad faces, starships, alphabet letters, ladybirds, mandalas, hot-air balloons, birds, bees, butterflies, pumpkins, poodles, peapods, shoes, ships...the list goes on!

Get creative and use your rock painting art in a variety of crafty projects.

  • wonderful rock art designs from artist Denise Scicluna
  • a variety of inspirational painting ideas for the absolute beginner
  • plenty of crafty tips, techniques and advice

About the Author
Based in London and born in Malta surrounded by sea and sun, Denise Scicluna is an art psychotherapist, painter and author who enjoys nature, creativity and pebble painting. You can find more of her work at and on her Instagram @denisescicluna

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Rock Art - Book by Denise SciclunaRock Art - Book by Denise Scicluna